Netline Advantages (over ‘traditional’ bird net):

Netline Ad (2)

Read more about the relative benefits and negatives of fruit zone netting and the more traditional drape netting.

  1. Competitive alternative to available netting systems.
  2. Suits small vineyard operators (tractor not required).
  3. Uses readily available, cheap materials.
  4. No hydraulics required.
  5. Easy to apply and remove:
    1. Two to three workers to apply the net including the tractor or ATV driver.
    2. Only the vehicle driver is required to remove the net.
    3. Rapid Removal — approximately 1 hectare / hour (optimal conditions).
  6. Reduction in physical stresses on workers, thereby reducing the risk of injury and potential WorkCare claims.
  7. Spray access to vine rows after net application.
  8. Fencing & trellising conversion kit available.
  9. Multiple use — with minor modifications can be used as a wire spinner.