How it works

Simply using an ATV (or tractor) the Netline Netting machine allows rapid removal of netting from the vines. Approx. 1 hectare / hour.

Using readily available, cheap materials, the netting is applied to each side of the vine.

Minimal labour is required, using only 2 or 3 workers (including driver) to attach the netting to a foliage wire above and a dripper wire below the fruiting zone.

Removing the netting only requires one person to drive the tractor (or ATV) for rapid removal with the Netline Netting machine re-spooling the netting ensuring it is ready for the next season.

The Netline machine can also be used for distribution of trellis wire and fencing wire, both ringlok and single wire.


Read more about the relative benefits and negatives of fruit zone netting and the more traditional drape netting.

Read more for correct application and hints for success using Netline Netting.



Word Document   Download - Netline Netting Machine Manual (Word Document)

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